The NorthView Compass

June 2021 Edition

Happy June 2021 Compass readers,

Sometimes 2021 feels like groundhog year: COVID cases are down again, Bitcoin is Up…and Down…and Up again, a new stimulus bill is being proposed again, meme stocks are back again, and M&A activity is still on fire. None of those are what we want to talk about here this month. 

Memorial Day, which we will cover later in this edition, is a “holiday” near and dear to us. We remember our fallen heroes each and every day.

Often referred to as D-Day, Operation Neptune occurred 77 years ago on June 6, 1944 when Allied forces conducted the largest seaborne invasion in history against Nazi Germany. Allied forces suffered nearly 10,000 casualties on D-Day itself, Germany estimated 4,000-9,000.

We can’t even fathom what those men, some would even be considered boys, experienced that day. They truly are the Greatest Generation. We should never forget why we fought…to end the oppression of the Nazi’s and Japanese as well as extinguish the largest genocide in human history.

We Americans are forever indebted to the men and women, soldiers and first responders, now and in the past, who protect us and fight for our right to freedom. “Thank you” simply isn’t enough


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