Our Approach

Step 1

Listen and Learn

It all starts with a conversation. We want to know you as much as you want to know us.

Step 2

Analyze and Understand

We request some initial information to analyze whether or not the “ask” is doable given market conditions and company-specific situation.

Step 3

Evaluate and Guide

We provide a high-level evaluation of the materials provided giving guidance on:

  1.  whether we can help,
  2. under what potential terms the market will bear, and
  3. better understand the company’s owners, officers, and stakeholders sensitivities to both.

Step 4

Engage and Prepare

Assuming there is mutual interest, we get our hands dirty collecting diligence information, preparing marketing materials, and strategically introducing the opportunity to prospective interested parties.

Step 5

Address and Advise

We work directly with prospective partners answering questions, guiding their review, and framing potential transaction terms. A lot of work is put into this step to ensure that the process has little to no need for day-to-day input from the client and that potential partners share a mutual interest.

Step 6


If desired by our partners, NorthView can provide short-term fractional CFO, COO, and Strategic Management services to complement our financial advisory services – including strategic reviews (of personnel, boards, business plans, and operations), undertaking and implementing management and financial systems, business development efforts/programs, and strategic partnership efforts.

Step 7

Recommend, Close, and Consult

Consult and Close. Our ultimate goal is to pair clients with the right partner under the best terms available.

Here we get very consultative and advise clients based on the proposals in hand with the goal of a smooth closing and post-transactional relationship.

Our job isn’t done with the signing of a term sheet, nor with the closing of a transaction. We see closing through to the end and continue to provide advice to clients long after a deal is done.

Our reputation relies on it.